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Millionaires Academy is a collection of interviews and blueprints generously shared by successful entrepreneurs to explain how they overcame challenges and obstacles in their own lives, and discovered how to recognize opportunities and turn them into ethical wealth streams.  Most of these experts have earned millions in their businesses, and some have exceeded that threshold many times over.  Others have been included because of their experiences working closely with exceptional millionaires, or because they are clearly on track to earn millions soon. 

Millionaires Academy was passionately founded by Cydney O’Sullivan, who has herself earned millions in business, real estate   and investments.  She is Associate Editor at Social Media Mags International and best- selling author   of the book Social Marketing Superstars, Social Media Mystery to Mastery in 30 Days.  

She also authored How To Be Wealthy NOW!  108 Fast Cash Strategies from every day talents.

She  has been building businesses for over 30 years, working with successful entrepreneurs from childhood, and continues to be involved with many businesses today. Creating wealth from business, real estate and stock    market investing, she became frustrated by inappropriate or ineffective advice from expensive trusted advisors, and    is now passionate about helping herself and others find their own business solutions, using sound practices, common sense principles and simple systems that anyone can implement.

Cydney now seeks out qualified expert financial, entrepreneurial and business advisors and shares her gift for networking with the most successful people, to create a support team that will help answer your questions about the  best businesses to create reliable ongoing income.

She now runs live events with business partner internet marketer Tracy Repchuk as a solution for business owners to rocket launch their businesses using marketing strategies such as video marketing, social and and internet marketing and who recognize the power of becoming a published author. Millionaires Academy members are always welcome to our live events, and will be notified of wherever we are around the world entertaining and educating.

At Millionaires Academy we specialize in assisting others to get their business and self development books written, published and marketed with an emphasis on a successful commercial outcome that enriches the lives of the author and their audience.

In-Depth Profile: Cydney O’Sullivan

Proud co-founder of Global Marketing Streams, and Celebrity Partner Publishing with Tracy Repchuk.

Cydney O’Sullivan is from Los Angeles, California, but spent most of her childhood in Colonial Hong Kong during the 60’s and ‘70’s. Starting her first job as a voice actor at the age of 8, and moving into television and radio before entering the corporate world, Cydney worked in multiple industries and management roles. Taking every opportunity to travel, in 1987 she decided that Sydney, Australia was the land of beauty and opportunity and settled in to make the most of it.

After creating and selling a string of successful businesses in a variety of industries, Cydney moved into property and stock market investing. She enjoys passing on her knowledge to passionate mentorees and through her books and public speaking.

The mission of the ‘Miss Independence’ Association is to help other people, learn how to build their own secure futures and create health and wealth, through fun, interactive programs, books, CDs and workshops, with an emphasis on philanthropic community building and personal empowerment.

Carolyn Deigan, Cydney O’Sullivan and Anne McKevitt, Billionaire Consultant


Miss Independence is founded on and operates within the strictest set of personal values:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Community
  • Commitment

Our commitment to these values isn’t just as lovely words to put on the web site. On the contrary, these are the standards by which we live each and every day. They guide and infuse everything we say and do, reminding us of the profound responsibility we have to continually earn and deserve your confidence.

Vision/Mission Statement

Millionaires Academy is committed to achieving results for the people we serve. We do this according to the following Vision/Mission Statement:

We care about contributing to a greater, safer future for our world, through the exponential power of motivated people caring to make a difference.

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We will not disclose any of your contact or contributions to any other parties and will not use your testimonials without your written permission.

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